1936             Born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

                    Studies at the Conservatoire in Tenerife with his parents, finishing in 1951.

1949             Studies at the Royal College of Music, London, with AlbertSammons and Alan Loveday.

                    First Prize Violin and Chamber Music, student of the Maestros Frank Probyn, Hubert Dawkes, Harvey Phillips, Cecil   Aronowitz.

1954             Royal Conservatoire of Brussels, studies in the class of André Gertler.

1955             First Prize with Grand Distinction, Royal Conservatoire of Brussels.

1956             High Diploma in Chamber Music, Royal Conservatoire of Brussels.

1957             First Prize, International Competition of Contemporary Music, Darmstadt.

                    Prizewinner, International Violin Competition « Henri Wieniawski », Poznan.

1959             Prizewinner, International Violin Competition « Reine  Elisabeth », Belgium.

                    City of Orense Prize as the most distinguished student, « Musica en Compostela » course.

1961             Assistant Professor to André Gertler, Royal Conservatoire of Music, Brussels, until 1970.c

1970-1992    Appointed (on his merits) to Full Professor of Violin, Royal Conservatoire of Music, Brussels.

1970-1984    Professor for the « Manuel de Falla » International Music Course, under the Festival of Music and Dance, Granada.

1971-today   Professor of violin for the International Course of Spanish Music in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. As of 1998, Assistant Director of the University Courses «Música en Compostela».

1977             Special Professor, Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth, Belgium.

1979             Masterclass, Sala Joaquín Turina, Teatro Real, Madrid for the Dirección General de Música, Ministry of Education.

1983-2001    Masterclasses given regularly at the Conservatorio Superior de Música, Tenerife, Canary Islands.

1983-2001     Guest Professor of Violin for the National Youth Orchestra of Spain since its founding.

1986-2001     Special Guest Professor, Conservatorio Superior de Música, Barcelona.

1994-hoy       Founder, Concertino/Conductor of the Joaquín Rodrigo Chamber Orchestra, Valencia. All the violinists have been his students.

2001-2010     Violin professor of the recently founded Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya, Barcelona.

2001-2012     Professor of the Conservatoire of Palma de Mallorca.


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