I am beginning now a series of articles to post in memory of four absolutely great musicians and dear friends who are no longer with us, but who left an unforgettable impression on my professional and personal life.
I am speaking of the pianists Gerardo Gombau, Rosa Sabater, Miguel Zanetti and Pepe Tordesillas, with whom I formed a duo in different stages of my life between the years 1960 and 1994.
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Of course, all of them had their own musical careers, but I will limit my comments here to the moments of music that we shared, and at the same time, to remember fondly some anecdotes with which I attempt to pay them my own particular and humble tribute. The first one is Gerardo Gombau, with whom I gave my first recital in 1959 at the Ateneo of Madrid and in the season 1959-60 we toured with several of the principal Spanish philharmonic orchestras. Gerardo, full professor at the High Conservatory of Madrid was an excellent musician, pianist, composer and orchestra conductor. We presented a program made up of short works, although among them was the great Sonata in D minor by Brahms.