Later came a decade of concerts with Miguel Zanetti. How many programs we put together, the two of us! Repertoire ranging from Leclair, Tartini, Gibbs or J.S. Bach to Béla Bartok, Prokofiev.

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I think we played some 65 concerts together. I remember one month of April in 1966 when we gave 28 concerts, divided between Sweden and Spain, from Catalunya to Galicia. I have a special recollection of a trip from Tarragona to Vigo. Miguel had just passed his driver’s license and was driving either one of the old Renaults or a Deux Chevaux. In any case, he was clutching the steering wheel and leaning towards the windshield since it was raining cats and dogs. I was riding next to him, and must confess, in a state of panic. We always said after that adventure that it “made us men”. We also gave several concerts in Marrocco and finished the year later in Tokyo at a Joaquín Rodrigo Festival.

We not only performed much repertoire together, but we also had a good time and reaped much success. ¡Ay, Miguel! I know that many great singers who had the luck to work with you will join me in remembering you for your musical flexibility and for your faithfulness and friendship.